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I am an experienced professional in using my voice for performance and recording. Classical, neutral American accent. German-accented English, German, Italian, French pronunciation.  Sophisticated, elegant, sensuous, sassy.

I can also wrap my tongue around pharmaceutical names with ease.  

As an opera singer with extensive experience as a soloist at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Europe, I am adept at making nuanced changes to inflection, tempo, pitch per a director’s suggestion.


Live performance experience has developed my skill at “getting it right” the first time.


No Hype Investing

December 2023

VO Tutorial for
instruction video

No Hype Investing

Video Sales Letter

September 2023

Comedy Central

“Vote Naked” Improv

September 2020

Forever and a Day

October 2020 ongoing

Soap Opera Podcast

“Lucinda Prescott”

Kilo Health

Video Testimonial 

October 2020

Kilo Health

Audio ad

November 2020

Providence Lyceum

August 2021

Audio book narration

“Alcott Branson”


Michael Lacobbo,  Producer,  Providence Lyceum

"Providence Lyceum highly recommends Claire Stadtmueller for voice overs. We hired her for a book and multi-media project on 19th Century philosopher Bronson Alcott, and the results were spectacular. Her professionalism and voice talents exceeded our expectations."

Workshop with Al Cattabiani

“That was perfect. The only reason I had her do it again was to see if she could take direction, which she can.”

Casey Hutchison, writer and director, "Forever and a Day"  soap opera podcast

"Claire, you have been an absolute dream to work with! Ever since your debut, you have given us so much to work with. You are quite the powerhouse and we are so lucky to have you!"

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